Hello beautiful souls! I am beyond words to share these beautiful stories and words from my clients & community. They have all taken the time to share their experiences with my audience.

Stories & Words

"Molly’s feminine approach to business helped me shift into a state of receiving that allowed me to unlock abundance in new ways in my business as a coach. As a former therapist with a scarcity mindset around money, Molly helped me to develop a more flexible mindset around how to hold sales calls. By learning how to hold calls and respond to emails from potential clients in a new way, I was able to let go of control and shift into a state of flow and ease. Molly also provided support and guidance around the structure of my business. She asked the right questions to help achieve clarity and get you set up for success. Molly made herself available for calls between scheduled sessions and support via email, I received so much value from her service. She also provided many resources outside of our sessions to further shift my mindset. I could not recommend her service more for learning how to hold money using a sacred feminine model."

Spiritual Life Coach and Licensed Therapist


Real Estate Strategist, Mama and Grandmama


"For those who have wondered or longed for a new way to do life – Molly will guide you as you enter into a community of women who will discover their own voice and celebrate as others do the same to impact your world.

One of the most valuable parts of this work for me has been the call to feel freedom to be joy, to play, and to feel the beauty to create. Molly facilitates a safe place to explore and experience the healing medicine of the sacred feminine. "

Caregiver and Mama


"The thing that has been most valuable from the Nurturing and Support group would be the exercises Molly did. Whether it was the Journal exercise or the "Just Be" sitting/lying down exercise, both were extremely eye opening for me. It is amazing what comes out when you allow yourself time to BE and Sit in Stillness. I thank her for introducing these to me. These experiences have jump started my journey to further healing.
I didn't know what to expect when we first started this group. It just felt good to set aside time for myself with other women who lift my spirits and where I can also be a support in some way. What HAS come out of this experience has truly surprised me. "

"My experience with Molly was an exercise in vulnerability, a honing of my intuition and ultimately self-trust. A strong desire for self-care prompted me to step out of my (62 yr old) comfort zone. Thankfully, this time I listened! Somewhere inside knowing there must be a softer more holistic approach available instead of the standard Rx prescribed.

In reaching out to Molly, who I knew had knowledge and experience with both Western medicine and Eastern/holistic practices, Reiki and an intuitive heart, I was seeking information. I received that AND so much more - a beautiful blended approach treating the whole; my human mind, my physical body and my soul-heart energy.  On our calls together, I explained what ailed me. I felt safe, I felt held and I felt heard as I embarrassingly told Molly of my discomfort over the past 10 months. She listened attentively, hearing not only the physical specifics but also the emotional/energetic shame I was carrying. She made thoughtful inquiry with tenderness and kindness. Together we sifted through the emotional layer as well. Molly offered suggestions and options, ointments (soothing and effective), oils (a game-changer) and energy work (the forever conversation of healing). We made a plan that I followed for the next couple of months.

During this time Molly navigated me through to physical relief (at 3 months I have experienced a 98% recovery) and an energy body shift where I discovered another layer of self-inquiry, emotional relief and healing.

I am so grateful for Molly and the healing guidance she offered. She shows up fully for her clients with an abundance of knowledge & experience AND a gifted heart full of compassion and understanding. If you seek a safe place for your tender vulnerabilities, the gentle care of Molly is only a call away. In gratitude, 


Small Business Owner, Mama, and Grandmama

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Personal Healing clients

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Reiki Master, Certified Aromatherapist, and Mama


"I went to the Mastermind group first because I liked Molly. There are several reasons. First, she spent time with me to help me find my OWN clarity in determining if I wanted to be part of the group. There was no convincing, just reflecting, listening and empathizing until I found my YES.

Next , she walks the talk. There is an authenticity in the way she coaches because she has been coached. Yes! She gave us a book to read; but I know her book was highlighted and dog-eared. Those highlighted pages were then implemented in her business. I could trust her because she did it.

I had a handful of business objectives to cross off – package offers, pricing increases, agreements, and cancellation policies. Yes all of those things were crossed off but the most impactful thing for me was to realize I am my business. I am holistic practitioner AND a mom AND wife AND a sister AND an active member in my community AND my own human. If all of those pieces and parts of my personality are not nurtured my business is a HAVE TO and not I GET TO. I can’t freely hold a space for my clients without all my parts.  We started to whittle away at my scarcity mindset. This is generation after generation of cellular memory of lack. I was able to just be willing to invest in me and I got my money back and more. It was a feather in my cap to open up to a new way of thinking. I signed up again.

Finally, I made friends, a soul group of women that want to grow - that want to bond – that want to make the world better place for their daughters and their nieces. Vulnerability created life long bonds and words of encouragement. For me the words of “I see you and you are doing it!” was enough.

I love Molly and I would recommend her program…. I already have. "

Reiki Practitioner and Sacred Nature Healing Circle Facilitator


"Being a part of Molly’s Feminine Medicine Mastermind brought incredible value into my personal growth, the growth of my practice, and the beginning stages of creating my business.

The most impactful part was being prompted to give ourselves permission. Permission to hold value to our gifts and services. Going into Molly’s mastermind I set the intention to fully embody confidence in my work, to trust in my gifts and services, and to step into the role of a leader and creator with full integrity. Molly’s program allowed me to step into all of this and so much more.

This program gave me the opportunity to co-create, to support and feel supported, and to access parts of me that I previously did not even realize were standing in my own way of stepping into my power.

On the last night of this program I found myself smiling ear to ear as I read my letter of intention that I wrote in the beginning of the program. I fully stepped into every single one of my intentions. Through her program I cultivated self worth on a level I had not experienced.

I received the empowering trust in the flow. I began feeling comfortable in the unknown and started to embrace change in ways I never have. I began to understand communication in a way I have never practiced. Out of everything I think the most impact take-away was the profound nurturing and fostering of self worth. I am incredibly grateful and I am looking forward to working with Molly again. "

Hair Stylist,
Coach, and Mama


"The Feminine Medicine Mastermind group has brought so much strength and vulnerability to the table. I've learned that we all have fears and it's up to us what we do with them. To be successful you have to move past the fear to get to the other side. Learning that aside a group of women and not doing it on my own was so huge. I can't believe it's only been 3 months. I remember in the beginning it was hard for me to even have the courage to speak up and say what I needed and in the end I was doing it voluntarily and ready to receive feedback and I felt I had good feedback for others as well.

I found my voice, My courage, my strength and my purpose. I don't know if it gets much better than that. This has been the most impactful. Having a group of women to not only hold space for me but inspire and support me was so beautiful. I am forever grateful for the wonderful space Molly has created for all of us. I am who I am today because she went out on a limb and added an extra woman to your circle. She had only met me once and I find it so warming that she knew I needed this. I didn't know what "this" was but I needed it. I thank her for opening space for me to say yes to myself like I've never done before.

I loved the book, I loved the structure of the writing exercises, I loved having something to show up with. I liked that some of it was over zoom, it made it so easy to just show up that way as well. I LOVED all the yummy food and new recipes I have now. I loved how I got so much personally and so much for my business. It was the sweet spot of just enough all around. "

Wine Guide and Mama


"The value that this group has brought me was to find my voice and to know I am not alone.

The most impactful thing is having a safe space where there is love and clarification.

Molly is wise beyond her years. She helped me bring things I thought were taboo to share but when I did I found I was not alone and not judged.

I have been in Therapy in the past and this has helped more then that ever has. Thank you! 

The Feminine Medicine Mastermind brought an amazing group of women into my life. I hope to continue these relationships into the future.

The no judgment zone and having space held for me was so beneficial to me. Understanding, love, compassion and their perspectives were also beneficial. I really enjoyed our one on ones.

This Master Mind was personal growth for sure for me. It is a gift I have given myself that was beyond amazing.

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The Feminine Medicine Mastermind

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"You show up with honesty and kindness. Humble teacher. Perfectly imperfect. Teaching others they have permission to be the same. Be who they are. But also challenging them, us...me to be even better."

"A teacher, a friend, a sister in healing, a space holder, a sacred reminder of the feminine."

"A very wise woman."

"Deep healer."

How would you describe Molly?


“Good for the soul and nourishing to the soul.” 


"“Food + art + inspiration, Molly hosts a monthly women’s gathering where you can fill your cup by enjoying food that makes you feel good.”"


“Such a beautiful experience.”

womens Gathering

Read It From my


"“Connection and reflection with some lovely ladies. Molly provides such a beautiful space and tons of yummy food and tea, I’m going to dream about that vegan pesto.”"


“An amazing night of body and soul nourishment.” 


“A space and table filled with love and light.”


“This women’s gathering was so beautiful and much needed.” 


“Women’s circle = insightful conversations and delicious food.” 

“Beautiful spread and beautiful women’s circle.” 


Hear It!