Having a place to be truly heard and deeply seen is vital to our well being. Each one of my clients gets to experience this in whatever capacity they choose to work with me.

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The Grand Canyon Experience

I hold monthly Women’s Gatherings at my studio space for women who are craving an evening of connection so they can go home feeling nurtured, refreshed, and recharged. I also run seasonal Women’s Groups for women who are desiring a consistent place to come as you are, connect, freak out, settle down, get creative, have solidarity…all the things.

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Bringing Women together is one of my passions. We all bring something for each other, and we all seem to find ourselves in each others’ stories. Why? Because we are ONE and experiencing this unity heals us.

Photo by @julietteordonia

Photo by @julietteordonia

I work with my one on one clients for at least 3 months at a time, and I’ve seen massive transformation for each one of them when they commit themselves to that time frame.Sometimes my one on one clients come to me because they are in physical pain or have a physical diagnosis that they are seeking stress reduction, and complementary holistic support for. Sometimes they do not have a medical diagnosis, but feel stuck in an area of life: a relationship, their career, their parenting, an emotional state, and they want help clearing whatever is in the way. Sometimes they come to me solely for support in deepening their mind-body connection as they create and build something new in their lives and/or businesses. Whatever they come for – they always leave feeling nurtured, cared for, and more connected to themselves.

One-On-One Experiences

Over the past few years, I have offered energy work and holistic coaching to healers, couples, holistic coaches, corporate professionals, healthcare professionals, and many others. In that time, many of my clients have expressed feeling unaligned or out of balance in some area of their life. These feelings of being stuck, stressed, or disconnected typically find their foundation in a lack of flow to the things that make them feel alive in their life. For many of my clients, the balance, alignment, vitality and connection they are seeking comes when they step OUTSIDE of their everyday lives and connect to something bigger than themselves. I have seen the biggest breakthroughs, most profound moments of healing, and most secure sense of belonging come when we actively create the space to connect to ourselves through being with the Earth and with each other. 

"The Grand Canyon Experience"

The Grand Canyon experience is

this group is

a 6 month long personal empowerment and internal growth program designed for women. This group is designed to support you in exploring and expanding into your full potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This type of holistic growth will inevitably flow into every other area of your life as well: family, business, relationships, ect. You will challenge your physical expansion by participating in biweekly hikes for 6 months with the end goal of hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim.

You will expand emotionally and spiritually by connecting to yourself and to other women in the group around a central topic with each hike. In addition to group work, there will also be an element of 1:1 work in this program as well to help you focus your energy on the intended growth you would like to bring into your life and/or business over the duration of the program.


not an extreme sports group focusing on conquering the Grand Canyon, nor is it focused on making your body take a certain physical shape that you desire…

rather the focus of this group is on connecting to yourself and to others collectively by being with the Earth on a regular basis.

This group is for you whether you are an inexperienced hiker, avid hiker, or anywhere in between. The only requirement here is that you are willing to commit to consistently showing up. As Brené Brown so wisely puts it “The willingness to show up changes us.” 

Yes! This Is exactly For me!

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