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Please send me an email inquiry  to let me know what you are interested in hearing more about. After I receive your inquiry we will schedule a call to see if we are aligned to work together.

Let's Connect

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First, we would get on a 1:1 call to see what you are interested in calling into your life and what your needs are. If we are aligned to work together, we will then discuss all of the logistical details. 

How do I start working with you?

I work with my clients for a minimum of 3 months at a time, and many times I work with them longer as their needs unfold. 

How long are your programs?

For the women's gatherings, spots can range anywhere from $25-$50, and those details are included in my monthly newsletters. As far 1:1 work and The Feminine Medicine Mastermind, these programs change each time I offer them so I do not post them here on the website. I LOVE talking about investment and what investing in yourself can bring into your life, so I also like to have 1:1 conversations with each woman interested in working with me to see if we are aligned to work together, at that time I share the investment based on what they are interested in and what they are needing. 

What Is The Investment To Work With you?

I typically host a gathering each month. Sometimes my gatherings are in person, and sometimes I offer virtual women's gatherings or virtual workshops. To find out details about my monthly gatherings PLEASE subscribe to my newsletter, and you will be the first to know all of the details. 

How often do you host gatherings?