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My name is Molly Odell. I am a holistic health practitioner and coach with a background in clinical nursing. I work with people who are looking for a more holistic approach to their health and/or their business; an approach that recognizes the mind-body connection. Think mindful western medicine meets ancient intuitive practices.

Sometimes my clients come to me because they are in physical pain or have a physical diagnosis that they are seeking stress reduction, and complementary holistic support for. Sometimes they do not have a medical diagnosis, but feel stuck in an area of life: a relationship, their career, their parenting, an emotional state, and they want help clearing whatever is in the way. Sometimes they come to me solely for support in deepening their mind-body connection as they create and build something new in their lives and/or businesses.

I'm so glad you're here!

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I was privileged to experience 9 years of bedside nursing and it gave me many tools that I have brought with me into this practice. I also use holistic modalities that I’ve been trained in as well to individualize the experience for each one of my clients. Some of these modalities include intuitive assessment and plan of care creation, crystal Reiki healing, aromatherapy, dream interpretation, and mindset coaching.

This practice was created because she was a dream that wanted to become a reality. She is not mine, I do not own her. I am honored to be a conduit for the healing that she is meant to do in this world.

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